PigStor(i)es is a free clone of old good Sokoban from eighties. This version is variant played on hex board so it’s hexoban.

It is written in C++ and can be played on Linux and Windows. It uses very good (and free) 2D game engine called ClanLib. ClanLib can be found here: ClanLib SDK.
On 2013 game was rewritten in Java language. Now it uses LibGDX framework.

Music you can listen to in game is Chicken by Jumbo Jazz and can be downloaded from Jamendo. There are 20 levels with varied difficulty. Difficult ones designed by David W. Skinner & Aymeric du Peloux.
Available in Android Market
There’s a port to Android so you can play it on mobile devices. It’s totally free. If you like it just leave a comment.
Privacy policy: Application does not collect any personal information.

Game can be downloaded from here: PigStor(i)es desktop version
If you have Java installed just copy the archive to any directory and double click on it.

Old version in C++ can be found here: PigStor(i)es for Linux and Windows

You have to unpack it to any directory. No need to install anything, just unpack it and have fun. If you still don’t know what these soko and hexoban things are look at the gameplay:

Some screenshots:


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