Rabbits2: Total DemoLition

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Rabbits2: Total DemoLition is a free clone of famous Puzzle Bobble from early 90’s. It’s written in C++ and works under Windows and Linux OSes. Cross platform is achieved by using nice compact ClanLib SDK library.
This is two player game, both players using the same keyboard. You can also use mouse to play the game or let CPU to control one or both rabbits.
If you have LAN, you can play on two computers. If you’re familiar with computers you can play by the Internet but you need a little technical knowledge of terms like public IP.
Game uses free font called Qixstix.

Short manual:

As in every other game your aim is to win. If your bubbles cross the bottom border, you will lose.
Rabbits have to remove bubbles by matching them by color. When you connect three or more bubbles of one color, they will fall. If there are any unconnected bubbles they will fall too.
If you shoot more than three bubbles at a time the overflow will be added to your opponent’s bubbles.

There are some areas worth of noticing:

1 – Wins counter, the more it is showing, the better. :)

2 – This rabbits is controlled by remote player

3 – Top border

4 – This rabbit is controlled with the mouse, press M key more than once to choose rabbit

5 – This bubble will be loaded into the cannon next shot

6 – These bubbles were shot by opponent, they will be added after the next shot

7 – There are still some shots before top border moving down. Every one shot you lose one dash. Every time you shoot three bubbles of same color, you will receive one dash. For shooting four bubbles you’ll receive 2 dashes, etc. Bubbles of diferent color are not counted.

8 – You got five seconds to shoot. If you’ll late the cannon will fire itself. After three seconds there is alarm set so you need to hurry uo with aiming.

9 – If you won’t shoot any bubbles this time, the top border with all bubbles will lower one level.

10 – Bottom border, bubbles can’t cross it!

11 – This rabbit is controlled by CPU

12 – Bonuses. The more, the better. :) Blank matches any color. You get one every 8 groups of bubble shot.
Demolition Bubble destroys every bubble it touches, color is not important. You get one for matching 7 or more bubbles of one color (including blanks). If using mouse you can choose bonus with right mouse button.

You can tweak some settings in config.xml file. The most important is server address. If you want to play by net you have to type the correct address. On server side you have to press I key once, on client side you have to press I twice. Press I key once more to stop playing by net.
On LAN you can try to use broadcast address to find game server. To use broadcast you have to leave the server field empty.

Files to download (archived with zip, no need to install, just unpack it where you want):

Version for Linux and Windows

Rabbits were tested on Win XP and Ubuntu 10.


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